What is Mediation?  Mediation is the resolution of a dispute by using an independent and neutral third party, known as a mediator.

If a civil or commercial dispute goes through litigation then the process is likely to be: Slow; Costly; Adversarial; and Risky.  In contrast, if mediation is selected as a route to resolve a dispute then in comparison it will be: Quicker; Cheaper; Collaborative; and much less Risky.  In mediation the mediator assists the participants to settle their dispute by acting rather like a catalyst.  Mediators work to establish trust and understanding.  They bring a fresh and open mind to often previously intractable problems.  They encourage new approaches to any difficulty and suggest new avenues to explore to resolve and unlock a dispute.

What mediators don’t do is judge, offer an opinion or take sides.  They use their skill and experience to create an environment that will offer the very best chance of success.  Current information shows that over 85% of cases that choose mediation succeed in achieving a resolution.  The key is that control of the process lies with the participants.  It is also voluntary, without prejudice and completely private & confidential.

Mediation is proving to be particularly successful in resolving workplace conflict.  Early resolution of any dispute can avoid the cost, stress and anguish of an Employment Tribunal.  Suitable in-house techniques can easily be implemented to offer people the chance to resolve their differences. 

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